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Interested in becoming part of the Pawtucket Core Collaboratives? Join today using the buttons and form below. If you have additional questions, fill out the form and we will be in touch to arrange a registration appointment. We will discuss your current business needs and aspirations and review the complete list of memberships and benefits we provide including availability, pricing and terms.

Visionary Monthly Membership

Get connected with other entrepreneurs, receive consulting support, use wifi and other resources in the "Bright Ideas Suite"


Entrepreneur Monthly Membership

Get connected, consulting support and use space to operate business, receive mail, make and print copies, & meet with customers


Executive Monthly Membership

Use the support and space available to have exclusive access to store business items and access space during and outside of regular business hours


Visionary 12 Month Membership


Entrepreneur 12 Month Membership


Executive 12 Month Membership


Meeting Group 12 Month Membership