About us

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Our Mission

Core Collaboratives supports the growth and development of city centers by providing business development consultation,  collaborative spaces and community building ventures to support local entrepreneurs and patrons of the area

Our Vision 

City centers with restored local emphasis where residents and visitors participate in an attractive, thriving business community that is shaped, driven and beneficial to the full range of community residents

Why We Exist

Cities have historically been challenged to incorporate the diversity of their residents in the service provision and income gains connected with city centers.  Core Collaboratives was created to help support the entrepreneurial spirit and ventures of diverse residents.  It bridges the gaps between challenged communities and the fiscal opportunities of local development.  In doing this, Core Collaboratives looks to support quality development in cities that embraces and represents the diversity of the city



Core Collaboratives is the manifestation of many hopes and dreams expressed in conversations around dinner tables, public meetings, calls from jail cells, news articles and more.

Learn more about Leslie Moore, the President of Core Collaboratives, whose work aims to bring a promising intersection to the collective hopes of challenged communities and the fiscal realities of business development.

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